Pentracop channel and partner services for sale of goods


Increased sales exposure

We have an experienced sales team that can build product brand awareness into accounts throughout our territory quicker and more economically than normally would be affordable for the manufacturer. More salespeople on the street equates to more customers being exposed to your products.

Lower cost

Our compensation is a known and fixed portion of the sale. This has worked out well for our manufacturer partners. Factory direct salespeople require a salary, health insurance, travel and other expenses to support your sales growth, therefore reducing your profitability. 


Knowledge, expertise and relationships

The knowledge and experience our sales team possesses about our territory, the products we represent and our customers are an unbeatable combination. Our manufacturers have the ability to capitalize on our customer relationships to open new sales opportunities that might not have been there prior.

Recognized Subsidiary Channels

We work with our subsidiaries to promote, and sell your manufactured products in our market territories. We have the channels to wholesale or retail your products.

We have the technical resources to handle warranty provisions and after-sales support to ensure that your brand is protected and customers stay loyal with you. 

Companies such as those identified below can benefit from our vast industrial expertise and localized resources.