Channel Development and Management

Are your channel partners struggling to locate the sales enablement tools and resources they need?

Do they know how to navigate roadblocks or improve objection handling in the sales process?

Are you struggling with how to affordably empower channel partners to find qualified prospects and effectively move them to a close?

Do your channel demand generation programs produce unacceptably high costs per qualified appointment?


Pentracop's Approach

The Pentracop sales enablement, sales training, channel messaging, and demand generation programs can help your partners focus on the best prospects, at the right time, with messaging that compels action.

We start with communication that is aligned to your prospect and the channel partner sales processes. We then create sales training materials and telemarketing scripts with concise, relevant introductions, brief qualifying questions.

Pentracop Channel’s proven training materials, enablement tools, and demand generation tactics have generated qualified prospects for our clients and their channel partners in a variety of industries.


Nuts and Bolts

Specific services include:

·  Lead a half-day workshop with sales and marketing to a build strong foundation for demand generation

·  Develop prospect profiles and personas aligned with the purchase cycle

·  Devise customized neuroscience-based messaging to attract qualified prospects

·  Train sales teams to improve qualification and closing techniques

·  Implement an automated, web-based lead nurturing system to track leads from inquiry to close

·  Critique and editing of current tools, training materials, and channel messaging

·  Mobile SMS Marketing