Welcome to Pentracop's Cyber Security Division


There is a minimum security service that companies providing IT security products to governments and corporations must comply with. Security companies must provide rigorous IT security testing and a formal evaluation, the purpose of which is to determine if IT products have been correctly developed and effective in fighting security problems that arises.

The Common Criteria for Information Technology (IT) Security Evaluation, also known as the ISO 15408 standard, is the current standard for specifying and evaluating the security features of IT products and networks.

Common Criteria offers the first global standard for IT security evaluation and validation/certification.

Our services include the following:

  • Security Target and Protection Profile development and evaluation
  • Cryptographic module and algorithm testing
  • Feasibility Assessment to ensure that your evidence and product are ready for evaluation and testing
  • Consulting services and evidence development
  • Assurance Maintenance for updates to certified products
  • Common Criteria and FIPS training


Pentracop's Managed Security Services help companies address security concerns through a controlled and managed approach that focuses on enterprise-wide security and the integrity of environments. 

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