Pentracop Technologies Cloud Division (PTCD)

Cloud Computing-A Way Forward

Pentracop Technologies offers cloud advisory including security, architecture and governance. Cloud computing has become a common term in corporate environments but not all firms understand the intricacies of the cloud. Different cloud deployment models provide companies the flexibility they need to efficiently manage workloads and maximize the use of corporate resources.

Pentracop Technologies has guided and continue to guide companies regarding cultural changes to cloud adaptation. We develop cloud strategies and coordinate adoption with businesses.

Additionally, we bring top architects to design, facilitate, lead, coordinate, and direct cloud initiatives on multiple fronts across a variety of disparate areas within an organization.


Cloud Advisory


Unleash the power of your business through the strength of cloud computing. Cloud is without a doubt, the way forward and sound advisory is a necessary step of the journey.  We are here to help with top of the line cloud architects and other experts in the field. 

Cloud Transformation


Don’t get stuck in the costly ways of doing business. Understandably, there is risk in moving to the cloud. Your cloud migration should come with sound governance and security program around your cloud of choice.  Evolve with confidence knowing that we can help you in each step of the way.


 ·Application transformation and improvement: Pentracop Technologies Cloud Division (PTCD) has deep insight in helping organizations to modernize their web applications.

·Architecture: Pentracop Technologies cloud division (PTCD) has the expertise to architect, secure, integrate, and govern business solutions build on Microsoft Azure cloud.

·Cloud-data analytics and security: PTCD has data covered and can help you meet your data analytics and protection needs.



Technical Implementation and Design

Application development; Data management, analytics and protection; External IT hosting; Identity and access management; Infrastructure; Network; Security, privacy and compliance; and User experience.