Sales and Channel Development

Pentracop’s Sales & Channel Development group helps clients master multichannel for sales results in the following ways: by improving the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions with customers; and by simultaneously driving for efficiency in all channels such as inside sales, face-to-face sales force, third-party channel partners and the associated sales operations.

Our approach to sales transformations covers how companies sell their products and services and to whom they sell their products and services and the channels they use. Where necessary, we also help clients address specific challenges in their defined market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other relevant areas.

What we do

Our approach extends from quick targeted interventions to more holistic sales transformations focused on skill building and execution across the client's entire go-to-market model:

·  Optimize return on sales investments
Cutting sales costs without losing revenue.


·  Align sales channels in a multichannel environment
Our research data shows that customers are increasingly moving from one channel to the other to get what they want. Today’s customer is a savvy customer with high flexibility. Some of them prefer increased services for some transactions while others prefer less interactions. Pentracorp is positioned to help companies form effective selling strategies in all channels.


·   Selecting and Screening Channel Representatives
One of the difficult tasks in brand marketing is finding the right channels to promote and sell your product or service. You cannot afford to compromise your brand. We are here to help you in screening and picking the right channels for your company. This service is critical in achieving sustained improvement